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We are now on summer break, our meetings resume on 5th September.

July 2018


Despite the heat we had a great afternoon. Phil made it fun, interesting and enjoyable. The meeting began with a short introduction to palmistry and we found out what the different features represent on on our hand/palms. Then Phil went on to give readings and for some people he even told them the colour of their auras - We had full room and Phil managed to give every single person a reading.     Phil has a websites

www.philgriggs.com and www.purplemoon-promotions.com

As mentioned on our own website Phil holds meetings at GranSol Hotel and Restaurant, Calpe Urb.GranSol 6B 03710 every second Saturday in the month. To find out how to find the GranSol venue see



Yesterday-s meeting was on the subject of Numerology, reading our answers certainly made us realise that how we think of ourselves is not always how others see us.  

June  2018​​


Our meeting was I am sure enjoyed by all, it was certainly very interesting - we discussed all aspects of spiritualism and spirituality - each of us learning from the views of others. We were so involved with the discussion that the first time we looked at the clock we were fifteen minutes over time -  it was 5.15pm. During the talk Julia read a few pages from the book written by Angie´s late husband David . The book is available on Amazon Kindle UK "Through You Am I - Journey of the separated Self Into Awareness" by David Rich. The sort of book well worth reading regularly. 


Our speaker yesterday was Paul Palmer we began with a short meditation for healing the world, and finished with some question/answers. In between and despite having to battle against the heat of the day and the outside noise, Paul gave some of us some very well-received clairvoyant readings. Thank you Paul.


A very interesting afternoon with Steve Ashley who began by giving us a talk on the subject of ´energy´  and how this affects how we connect with those around us. We the went on to discuss that and lots of other areas of psychology.  All very interesting and helpful. 

Stephen´s email address is [email protected]

May 2018


at this meeting Peter gave an enjoyable and interesting afternoon with a mixture of clairvoyance and philosophy. 



It seems many who are here in Spain did actually  prefer to be in the sun today as, yet again, we only had a small group for the meeting. However, possibly just as well, as in the small room we are presently using, we did need space to stretch our arms and legs while we were in our chairs enjoying the Dru Yoga with Trudi. Following the very relaxing movements and meditation, Trudi then talked on the subject of The Course of Miracles which was very interesting, and very timely, as the book is available at the moment to download from HayHouse. 


Tamsin gave us a very interesting afternoon, we learned about the various types of cards, Angel to Tarot and all inbetween. From the various packs we picked cards for ourselves at random - amazing how they always give advice of what we need at that moment in time, then we went on to read the cards for each other. We all read the cards differently, and all see different things in the picture, no way is wrong – each is right – which adds to the fascination, as all the information or answers are what is needed. 

Thank you Tamsin, a very enjoyable afternoon.  


Everyone deserves to be happy and we had a happy afternoon today with Colin giving us exercises in laughter yoga. It is strange how we feel embarrassed to laugh out loud (well I do so I suppose others do too) and how we feel silly as adults behaving like children, but, it was great fun and a laughter filled afternoon. We began with a wonderful meditation which I will certainly do again - taking us back to feeling like a child again with the feeling of no worries and none of the hang-ups which we gather over the years. We then went on to bring out the child in us. People passing by outside must have wondered what on earth we were doing, but I personally didn´t notice anyone as I was too busy having fun and laughing. Thank you Colin it was fun.


Everyone enjoyed this meeting and the talk about essential oils - their benefits and how they can not only transform our emotions but also evoke memories both good and not so good. 

It was a fun afternoon-  plus everyone was given a gift of a little bottle of their choice of essential oil. 

 Natural cosmetics are also available through Eva and - something to look forward to - Eva and Elena will be with us again later in the year to give a workshop on pain relief through essential oils.

(for information on the oils etc Eva 634 349 874)

APRIL   2018


Along with it being a beautiful day we also had a wonderful afternoon. Lots of laughs, lots of enjoyment and lots of very well received messages and a very interesting short demo on palm reading. Thank you Janice, we had a great afternoon.


Thank you Sheila for a very interesting afternoon. Not many of us at the meeting but as always we learned a lot, and three of us had treatments to help our aches and pains (head/neck, knees and shoulder all of which have been caused by different reasons health, accidents and stress). Not only did the three of us receive treatments but all of us at the meeting were taught how to lose or lessen the pains ourselves - so as the title of the meeting said ´Old Pain2Go´ and there it was gone !!. If anyone wants to book a treatment, Sheila is offering a 20% discount for anyone from our SF group. Sheila is a professional, qualified, insured therapist and teacher - to see all the treatments offered see the website www.holistictherapist.eu or phone 622 341 957 


Not many at the meeting yesterday but those of us there had a very interesting and entertaining afternoon and learned a lot. Hannah began with a short meditation taking us on a journey ´to find our own spirit´. Very enlightening and enjoyable. Hannah then talked about spirit and spirituality- just so much that I cannot relate it all here. Then to finish the meeting we were all asked to share some of our own spiritual experiences with each other. Amazing. Thank you Hannah for a very enjoyable afternoon.    

MARCH  ​2018


I was very disappointed to miss yesterday´s meeting, but have had great reviews from people who did attend, one even said that it was the most interesting meeting they have ever been to. Wow!. Thank you John and Nieve for giving the group such an enjoyable and educational afternoon. As mentioned in last week´s letter I, and many people I know, already know the benefits of taking the cannabis oil, but Johnny and Nieve also gave much more information on the plants, the tablets, the reasons, the results etc. Nieve spoke about how the use of this plant has helped people in various ways including weight loss - even helped someone reduce from 23 stone down to twelve and no longer diabetic. If you want to know more see the website for explanations of the plant and its uses, and for contact and even more information see the Facebook page.


Facebook Medical Cannabis Advice Spain 


A fantastic meeting thanks to Ian Elliott who gave readings through all the emotions, from serious, heart-warming, thought provoking, and comical, plus all others inbetween.

The afternoon flew past so quickly - which always proves how enjoyable it has been - then suddenly the time beat us and we were all  chatting so much about the meeting we had just witnessed that we forgot to do the normal finishing closing prayer – more proof of how much we enjoyed the afternoon.



Peter Sparks (a clairvoyant himself) arrived at the meeting but as the medium (Ian) was unable to get there, Peter took the meeting for those present and I am reliably informed he gave some very good clairvoyant readings and especially to one person in particular. For those who were there at the meeting, I must confirm that the gentleman who left due to being upset, was perfectly okay, he is often contacted through visiting mediums, but this week the message was particularly amazing as (I´m sure he won´t mind me telling you) the person who came through had only passed away that same morning, plus the fact the words were very relevant to clear up a past misunderstanding. So thank you Peter for stepping in to pass on such a wonderful message and for all the other readings you gave to people. 


Nothing in my life ever goes as planned, and just recently this has also been so with the weekly meetings. After starting off with a short meditation we did as planned with exercises for our body and mind which were followed by a routine used within Tai Chi. We then began some experiments which come under the heading of kinesiology but after that we went off piste (still have snow in my thoughts!). Those of us who attended the previous meeting had been so enthralled by something we learned from Angie that we went through that again to show those who had not witnessed it before. So, a very enjoyable afternoon despite the change of plan and the items we missed using yesterday will be saved for a future meeting.



 all I can say is - I didn´t think it possible we could learn so much and fit so much into two hours. Angie started off by explaining how our left and right brain works and how our thoughts affect our lives. Then, as there were only a few people at the meeting, Angie was able to give each of us a ´treatment´ whereby our pains,worries or phobias could be relieved by making our brains work to cure the problem. Then we were taught how to do the treatments to ourselves. Next three of us were given hypnosis to help change our thoughts in order to help ourselves with our problems. Then we finished by being taught an exercise to energise our body which helps to make both sides of our brain work for us. An amazing afternoon, thank you Angie. 


This meeting was very well attended and as always Lynda gave us an enjoyable and entertaining afternoon. Lots of people received messages which were both serious and fun. Lynda is one of three ladies who run a group similar to ours which is held on a Wednesday early evening in Benidorm. Lynda and her husband David presently run a stall in Benidorm market selling crystals and spiritual items. Apart from being clairvoyant Lynda is also our expert on crystals and angels, she also holds workshops. so if you need more information on any of the things Lynda offers contact her mbl. 663 315 532

14th - Chakra Dance

 Eline came along to tell us about chakra dance and being Valentine´s Day we concentrated on the heart chakra. Very interesting and, to be honest, as I do not find meditating easy, I didn´t expect to but I did thoroughly enjoy the dance. The only way I can explain it is standing with eyes closed and being in a deep meditation while moving to the beautiful music. If you want to know more about Chakra Dance contact Eline [email protected]

7th -  Bowen Therapy

I was away when Ann gave a talk/demonstration of Bowen Therapy late last year. I now know why people asked for her to come and take another meeting. We had a fantastic afternoon yesterday. What an interesting therapy. Ann gave a demonstration of the Bowen technique then asked if anyone in the room had any aches and pains they would like easing - nearly everyone put their hands up having some problem with necks, shoulders, arms, backs or knees etc. Although they usually take a longer time Ann was able to give short treatments to fourteen of us before it was time to end the meeting. Amazing - everyone who had a treatment went home in either less or no pain/aches and with more movement in their arms and legs. Thank you Ann for giving us such a very interesting afternoon.

If you want to know more about the Bowen Therapy see the website www.bowen-technique.co.uk.  


31st  -   Telepathy 

It appeared everyone enjoyed yesterday's meeting. The subject of the afternoon was Telepathy. We used Zener cards, colours, shapes and pictures. All those experiments had varying degrees of success from 'excellent' through to 'need a lot more practice'. Then we went on to psychometry which turned out to be extremely successful for everyone. 

24th -  Rachel Martin

Rachael gave us a great meeting with a slight change to what was advertised. Rachael began by giving us a very interesting talk with lots of information, followed by demonstrations of Bio Energy on two ladies and taking us right up to finishing at 5pm by ending with each of us receiving  information and techniques to help with our own personal problems. . On Saturday 10th February 12.30-15.30 Rachel is holding a workshop "The Art of Reconnecting your Body, Mind and Soul through ENERGY". to be held in La Xara. If you want to join in the workshop or know more about Bio Energy techniques contact Rachael at 639 489 461 or email [email protected] 

17th - Colin Simonds - Discovering the real you and manifesting your desires for 2018. 

Personally I have never had so much fun and laughter while learning so many ways which will change my attitude, outlook and life for the better during the coming year.  From during the meeting and after  it was obvious others at the meeting felt the same way - so a great way to start the year. 


10th  - Paul Palmer - clairvoyance

The group had a good start to 2018 with our first meeting being well supported. Paul started the meeting with an interesting talk on spirituality then gave us a very entertaining afternoon of well received clairvoyant messages interspersed with funny stories and anecdotes.