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14th - Chakra Dance

 Eline came along to tell us about chakra dance and being Valentine´s Day we concentrated on the heart chakra. Very interesting and, to be honest, as I do not find meditating easy, I didn´t expect to but I did thoroughly enjoy the dance. The only way I can explain it is standing with eyes closed and being in a deep meditation while moving to the beautiful music. If you want to know more about Chakra Dance contact Eline [email protected]

7th -  Bowen Therapy

I was away when Ann gave a talk/demonstration of Bowen Therapy late last year. I now know why people asked for her to come and take another meeting. We had a fantastic afternoon yesterday. What an interesting therapy. Ann gave a demonstration of the Bowen technique then asked if anyone in the room had any aches and pains they would like easing - nearly everyone put their hands up having some problem with necks, shoulders, arms, backs or knees etc. Although they usually take a longer time Ann was able to give short treatments to fourteen of us before it was time to end the meeting. Amazing - everyone who had a treatment went home in either less or no pain/aches and with more movement in their arms and legs. Thank you Ann for giving us such a very interesting afternoon.

If you want to know more about the Bowen Therapy see the website www.bowen-technique.co.uk.  


31st  -   Telepathy 

It appeared everyone enjoyed yesterday's meeting. The subject of the afternoon was Telepathy. We used Zener cards, colours, shapes and pictures. All those experiments had varying degrees of success from 'excellent' through to 'need a lot more practice'. Then we went on to psychometry which turned out to be extremely successful for everyone. 

24th -  Rachel Martin

Rachael gave us a great meeting with a slight change to what was advertised. Rachael began by giving us a very interesting talk with lots of information, followed by demonstrations of Bio Energy on two ladies and taking us right up to finishing at 5pm by ending with each of us receiving  information and techniques to help with our own personal problems. . On Saturday 10th February 12.30-15.30 Rachel is holding a workshop "The Art of Reconnecting your Body, Mind and Soul through ENERGY". to be held in La Xara. If you want to join in the workshop or know more about Bio Energy techniques contact Rachael at 639 489 461 or email [email protected] 

17th - Colin Simonds - Discovering the real you and manifesting your desires for 2018. 

Personally I have never had so much fun and laughter while learning so many ways which will change my attitude, outlook and life for the better during the coming year.  From during the meeting and after  it was obvious others at the meeting felt the same way - so a great way to start the year. 


10th  - Paul Palmer - clairvoyance

The group had a good start to 2018 with our first meeting being well supported. Paul started the meeting with an interesting talk on spirituality then gave us a very entertaining afternoon of well received clairvoyant messages interspersed with funny stories and anecdotes. 




This meeting  was absolutely fascinating and we all learned a lot. Unusually, we learned a lot about ourselves, our bodies, how they function, what we can do to make them work better and how we can make sure we are treating out bodies in order for its normal ´everyday functions´ to work properly. All the information being given in connection with how reflexologists can identify a problem from the client´s feet, hands. All most interesting, plus we were shown how to relax ourselves by using various pressure points around our face, neck area in order to ensure a good night´s sleep. Thank you Rubina for giving us a great meeting yesterday. For more information on reflexology and how it can help you - call Rubina on 660 996 554 or for more information see the website www.essenceterapeutica.com 



I am usually telling you of the wonderful weekly meeting – slightly different today however. All our new comfortable chairs were laid out ready, people started to turn up, our speaker and his lovely wife arrived and with everyone settled we started the meeting. Ray gave a talk which covered a multitude of spiritual information including what happens when people pass over, the various levels of spiritual afterlife and many other things. During the talk we had heard a distant drill and hammer. I did hope that the builders would be taking a siesta, but no, the work carried on. I left the meeting to phone the owner of SolPark who apologised about the noise but said the work had to continue. As Ray began his clairvoyant readings the noise became nearer and louder until it was almost as if the building work was actually being undertaken in the room with us. Having travelled all the way from Torrevieja to be with us Ray remained resolute and carried on regardless with a lucky few receiving a message, but eventually it was obvious that he was finding it hard to concentrate and we were having difficulty hearing him, so the meeting was abandoned before four o´clock. Thank you Ray for the interesting /informative talk and for attempting the impossible when giving readings under such difficult conditions.


Eline gave us a great afternoon, we not only learned a lot about the oils, the Chi Nei Tsang Therapy, and even singing bowls and tuning fork healing, but apart from the serious side we also had great fun too. Eline also told us about her travels and how and where she learned the various treatments. Having all experienced the essential oils, the meditations, and the various exercises for detoxifying our organs we were all left feeling healthy, relaxed, stress- free and happy.  A lovely afternoon thank you Eline.

If you would like to know more about the Chi Nei Tsang treatments or purchasing the oils please contact Eline 

mobile     657 547 064 

e.mail [email protected] 

web     www.zen.eline.com 

 Eline will be with us at the meeting next week, so any orders for essential oils can be collected at that time.


Unfortunately yet again I missed a meeting but am reliably told that it was an enjoyable, interesting afternoon. Thank you Ann for taking the meeting and thanks for not only talking about Bowen Therapy but also giving a full-body demonstration plus giving treatments to various people with pain issues.  The treatments included help for frozen shoulders, knees and backs


"Chalotte gave an interesting talk where we were told that we are all star seeds. It was explained that we are reincarnated not necessarily from Earth but also from various Stars throughout the Milky Way and other parts of the Cosmos.

We each selected a star card, to which we were drawn, and Chalotte channeled the energies from the particular star for each of us e;g; the Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion, Sirius and the Andromeda galaxy. The energies were different and had differing qualities, those qualities reflected traits which were identifiable in the person concerned. We were treated to a short meditation and some of the group received healing through Chalotte.

A two-day workshop on star seeds and various other energy work will take place at the Dome in Alcalali next month."  

For more information on this workshop contact  Chalotte [email protected]


Today´s meeting was very successful, after a short meditation everyone managed to get some writings from spirit.  We then watched a YouTube video had another short meditation and even more words came through for everyone.   There are lots of YouTube videos on the subject of automatic writing this is the one we watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsQ7RXu4WbM