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Unfortunately yet again I missed a meeting but am reliably told that it was an enjoyable, interesting afternoon. Thank you Ann for taking the meeting and thanks for not only talking about Bowen Therapy but also giving a full-body demonstration plus giving treatments to various people with pain issues.  The treatments included help for frozen shoulders, knees and backs


"Chalotte gave an interesting talk where we were told that we are all star seeds. It was explained that we are reincarnated not necessarily from Earth but also from various Stars throughout the Milky Way and other parts of the Cosmos.

We each selected a star card, to which we were drawn, and Chalotte channeled the energies from the particular star for each of us e;g; the Pleiades, Arcturus, Orion, Sirius and the Andromeda galaxy. The energies were different and had differing qualities, those qualities reflected traits which were identifiable in the person concerned. We were treated to a short meditation and some of the group received healing through Chalotte.

A two-day workshop on star seeds and various other energy work will take place at the Dome in Alcalali next month."  

For more information on this workshop contact  Chalotte [email protected]


Today´s meeting was very successful, after a short meditation everyone managed to get some writings from spirit.  We then watched a YouTube video had another short meditation and even more words came through for everyone.   There are lots of YouTube videos on the subject of automatic writing this is the one we watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsQ7RXu4WbM


October 25th

This week´s meeting started off in utter confusion with so many people, no aircon, not enough room - that we ended up having to take our chairs with us to sit in one end of the upstairs restaurant area. Not a suitable start to the afternoon but despite all the commotion and upheaval Les Driver, our speaker, gave a very interesting demonstration of Trance. The guides who come through with Les pass on philosophy rather than personal messages and answer any questions put to them. I am sure everyone came away with something that resonated with what they needed to hear and their questions answered. Five guides spoke to us during the meeting, differing styles of message from each and all very different personalities, all from different walks of life and all from different times of the past. So with an apology to Les for the disruptive start to the meeting our thanks and gratitude for taking the time to come to Spain purely to visit SF and give us a most interesting afternoon. 

October 18th

Angie took this meeting and what a great interesting and educational afternoon it was too.  We concentrated on the dowsing with rods and pendulums and learned how to cleanse our homes from geopathic stress, we were told all about  Hartman Lines, Curry Lines, Interference Lines,  how and where to place copper pipe or wire to keep our homes safe from the electricity and other bad invisible things which are a necessity  in our modern day  but which are damaging our homes and our lives.  We learned how to cleanse Personal zones, then vortices, energy forms both emotional and mental.  We even learned how to help wandering spirits and how to practice distance dowsing.   Thanks Angie, most interesting meeting.

As we ran out of time the scrying will be at a meeting in the future.  

October 11th

we had a wonderful, interesting, enjoyable and even enlightening meeting yesterday. Ian gave us a fantastic afternoon, I personally love his unconventional way of working, some might say he breaks all the rules of being a clairvoyant, but with such amazing readings, who cares how the messages are given just so long as we can relate to all the information, which we all did.  Amazingly Ian managed to give a message to every person at the meeting, all well received.   A note for your diaries -   Ian will be visiting Spiritual Friends again in March 2018 

October 4th Unfortunately I was not present but am reliably informed that this meeting was a great success.   I am sorry I missed it as I am told Colin gave everyone an interesting afternoon on the subject of ¨The Law of Attraction¨. It was an interactive meeting with everyone participating in the fun filled activities. Thank you Colin and we hope to see you at a meeting in the new year.  Colin has unfortunately mislaid the email addresses people gave him so please those of you who did want to be in communication with him, write to,   [email protected]


September 27th

Today´s meeting was most interesting and enjoyable and with so many people we ran out of chairs! Deborah gave us a talk/workshop with lots of information on the Emotion Code. Thanks Deborah a great afternoon. If you want to know more about the Emotion Code put "Deborah Sutton Spain" in Google and you will find lots of websites with all the different subjects/workshops etc offered by Deborah. If you would like a copy of the notes we used at the meeting today and/or if you want to be on Deborah´s mailing list contact her on [email protected] 

September 20th

Yesterday´s meeting was memorable in more ways than one!. Only five of us present (six with the speaker). On arriving Eva mentioned that she had intended preparing, writing and formulating what she was going to say to the group, but had been led by Spirit to wait until she was actually in the room. Spirit always knows best and saved Eva a lot of time and effort! The subject of the meeting was to be Spirituality and Business, but as none of us present has or intends having a ´business´ the subject changed to ´how to deal with our personal fears´. A very interesting meeting which helped me considerably and I hope the others learned a lot too. 

Eva´s website is www.lifecanvasstudio.com which gives details of her forthcoming workshop to be held over four days in the middle of October. There is a 40% discount on the cost of this workshop available to supporters of our SF group.

September 13th

Yesterday we learned about Runes. After watching a couple of short videos to explain the history  we made our own sets of Runes and tried some readings for ourselves. 

September 6th

We started off the Autumn season with our speaker being Jim McArthur who gave us a very enjoyable meeting. Jim gave us a short interesting talk then went on to give lots of clairvoyant readings which were all accepted as accurate and helpful. Thanks Jim, a great afternoon. Jim works at the Meditation Lodge Retreat - you may like to know more about this - if so see www.themeditationlodgeretreat.com or contact [email protected]


 (from the middle of July to the beginning of September  there were no meetings.  The group took a break due to the excessive heat and lots of visitors.)



July 12th

Phil and Kathy were with us at this meeting to talk about BioFlow and Magnotherapy.  All very interesting learning about how our cells work and how we should and can keep ourselves healthy by ensuring the cells of our bodies are balanced.  Rather than me go into a long explanation - you can find out all the information for yourselves by going to the web  changinglivesstives.com   or contacting Phil by email [email protected]  or visit their shop in the Benidorm market.  

Phil and Kathy have been with us at SF on previous occasions and many of us have since used the magnets and wear the bracelets - so well worth looking into if you have pain or health issues. 

July 5th

The meeting was on the subject of Psychometry. Those at the meeting watched a video explaining how and why psychometry works.  We then had a short meditation to be in a relaxed state while we practiced readings for each other.