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September 20th

Yesterday´s meeting was memorable in more ways than one!. Only five of us present (six with the speaker). On arriving Eva mentioned that she had intended preparing, writing and formulating what she was going to say to the group, but had been led by Spirit to wait until she was actually in the room. Spirit always knows best and saved Eva a lot of time and effort! The subject of the meeting was to be Spirituality and Business, but as none of us present has or intends having a ´business´ the subject changed to ´how to deal with our personal fears´. A very interesting meeting which helped me considerably and I hope the others learned a lot too. 

Eva´s website is www.lifecanvasstudio.com which gives details of her forthcoming workshop to be held over four days in the middle of October. There is a 40% discount on the cost of this workshop available to supporters of our SF group.

September 13th

Yesterday we learned about Runes. After watching a couple of short videos to explain the history  we made our own sets of Runes and tried some readings for ourselves. 

September 6th

We started off the Autumn season with our speaker being Jim McArthur who gave us a very enjoyable meeting. Jim gave us a short interesting talk then went on to give lots of clairvoyant readings which were all accepted as accurate and helpful. Thanks Jim, a great afternoon. Jim works at the Meditation Lodge Retreat - you may like to know more about this - if so see www.themeditationlodgeretreat.com or contact [email protected]


 (from the middle of July to the beginning of September  there were no meetings.  The group took a break due to the excessive heat and lots of visitors.)



July 12th

Phil and Kathy were with us at this meeting to talk about BioFlow and Magnotherapy.  All very interesting learning about how our cells work and how we should and can keep ourselves healthy by ensuring the cells of our bodies are balanced.  Rather than me go into a long explanation - you can find out all the information for yourselves by going to the web  changinglivesstives.com   or contacting Phil by email [email protected]  or visit their shop in the Benidorm market.  

Phil and Kathy have been with us at SF on previous occasions and many of us have since used the magnets and wear the bracelets - so well worth looking into if you have pain or health issues. 

July 5th

The meeting was on the subject of Psychometry. Those at the meeting watched a video explaining how and why psychometry works.  We then had a short meditation to be in a relaxed state while we practiced readings for each other.