Diary of future meetings


Everyone welcome 

to any meeting they would find of interest,  

there is no joining fee. 

 no commitment to attend every every week.

See below for what is on and when

Meetings take place at SolPark Tennis, Moraira

doors open at 14.00 meeting starts 14.30

Please note​

Due to various unforeseen reasons the events may be liable to change - 

prior to any change all efforts will be made to inform those 

on the mailing list by email and an alteration made to this website

if you or anyone you know would be willing to talk/demonstrate to us on any spiritual/holistic subject  or, if you would like a specific subject to be covered please contact    [email protected]


2nd       Eva Gaevskaya   & Elena Vinokourova -   Emotions and essential oils

Aromatic plants have long played an important role in human civilizations. They have been a part of religion, marriage ceremonies, dating and courtship, cosmetics and medicine and many other aspects of human life. From the beginning of times oils have been extracted from aromatic plants and have been recognised as the most effective medicine known to the mankind.

Essential oils are widely used for physical health benefits, but few have understood the scope of their healing capabilities. Eva Gaevskaya and Elena Vinokourova (leading partner of dōTERRA Europe) are going to talk to us about emotions and essential oils. This groundbreaking class will bridge the gap between the physical and emotional aspects of essential oils and will serve as a user- friendly guide for taking charge of your emotional health.

Several oils will be introduced from the purest DoTerra collection, we'll be able to taste them in class. There will be a lottery, the winner will go home with amazing aromatic essences.

This will be a class filled with divine aromas and new discoveries. 


Laughter Yoga is simply laughing for no reason, connecting with a childlike playfulness and Yoga breathing - a healing and energising experience. When you allow your inner child's joy to meet with your adult, it can spark creativity, self-esteem and love for your authentic self. Feel safe to only move at your own pace. Colin will also introduce some Improvisation Comedy exercises too.

16th         Tamsin      -   Angel Cards  /  Most of us own  our  Angel cards -  but there are so                             many different types of packs so please bring yours along to the meeting 

23rd        Trudi van Dorp   -     Yoga for all  - Easy movements  for the fit and not so fit 

 (no  laying on floors and tying ourselves in knots, just simple relaxing exercises which can be done while sitting).   Trudi will also be combining the talk and demonstration with telling us about the book  A Course in Miracles.  

30th          Peter Sparks  -  clairvoyance 


6th            Stephen Ashley    - psychology

13th          Q & A   -    Many people have questions about spirit and spirituality.  I cannot promise all the answers but a discussion on the subject may be helpful to many of us.  You can either ask your questions, write them anonymously on the paper provided on the day, or send them in advance to me at the usual email address.    

20th       (awaiting confirmation)  -   clairvoyance

27th          Spiritual Healing   -   we are all capable of  ´healing´ - come along and give and/or receive healing,  learn the different ways and discuss how and why we think it works. 


4th           Numerology   -    how our personalities and traits can be found in the numbers from our names and birthdates  - come along and find out how to do the calculations and what number relates to you.  

11th           Phil Griggs    -     clairvoyance


Between mid-July and end of August the group takes a break due to the heat - plus the influx of visitors or people leaving Spain to avoid the high temperatures.  


Future dates for your diary





26th September           Birgit  Humphreys    -    Aura-Soma


3rd October       Ian Elliott at the Wednesday  group meeting giving clairvoyance

Saturday  6th October  - private one-2-one readings with Ian Elliott held in Teulada- fully booked

Tuesday  9th October  

private one-2-one readings with Ian Elliott held in Teulada  a few spaces available