Diary of future meetings


Everyone welcome 

to any meeting they would find of interest,  

there is no joining fee. 

 no commitment to attend every every week.

See below for what is on and when

Meetings take place at SolPark Tennis, Moraira

doors open at 14.00 meeting starts 14.30


6th                 Jim McArthur  clairvoyance (Jim reads from flowers so bring along a bloom of your choice  in case you are picked for a reading)

13th               Runes - workshop - making our own Runes (items supplied) learning the history, and the meanings. Plus readings.

2oth              Eeva - interactive workshop ¬®spirituality and business¬®

27th               Deborah Sutton - workshop "The Emotion Code" releasing underlying trapped emotions that cause physical and emotional symptoms.



4th                  Colin Simonds - "The Law of Attraction, Self-Esteem and Relationships".

11th                 Ian Elliott, clairvoyance  (private readings available on 20th)

                          (to book a private reading phone Jan 600 837 054)

18th                Pendulums, Dowsing and Scrying

25th                Les Driver - medium -To use the time of the meeting to best advantage, he will go straight into a trance demonstration. After speaking a while in trance, his guide will take questions from the floor.  His guides are Teachers rather than intent on giving messages from loved ones .


1st                     Channeling words/pictures            

8th                   Charlotte Holm,  "a talk on Star Seeds"

15th                  to be arranged

22nd                Eline  -  Chi Nei Tsang A workshop with Taoist self-healing methods. Natural healing remedies to become stronger, healthier & energetic individuals.

CHI NEI TSANG is a Chinese term for internal abdominal massage which helps release stress and promotes healing. If the area around the navel is knotted up, the whole energy of the body is blocked. Chi nei tsang will bring confort, relief and vital energy to the internal organs.
You will learn THE 6 HEALING SOUNDS which is a Taoist way of dealing with stress and to transform negative, sick energy into posiyive, loving energy.
These techniques become even stronger with AROMATHERAPY. Essential oils are the soul of a plant. They are applied on the skin, the largest organ of the body. The essential oils will purify and cleanse the lymph, blood and as a result the organs. 


29th                  Ray Bailey - clairvoyance


6th                     Rubina - Reflexology

13th                   Wishboards -   making our own wishboards for the new year

19th     No meeting - Christmas break

26th     No meeting - Christmas break

Please  note‚Äč

Due to various unforeseen reasons the events may be liable to change - prior to any change all efforts will be made to inform those on the mailing list by email and an alteration made to this website