Diary of future meetings


Everyone welcome 

to any meeting they would find of interest,  

there is no joining fee. 

 no commitment to attend every every week.

See below for what is on and when

Meetings take place at SolPark Tennis, Moraira

doors open at 14.00 meeting starts 14.30

Please note​

Due to various unforeseen reasons the events may be liable to change - prior to any change all efforts will be made to inform those on the mailing list by email and an alteration made to this website


1st                     Channeling words/pictures   one of the people who came through at the meeting last week mentioned that we should all try channeling with writing or drawing,   so now is your chance.  I have been reading up on this subject and found there are several ways to try and hopefully succeed.  So come along and join in - the added energy of us all together may help the connections.  


8th                   Chalotte Holm,  "a talk on Star Seeds"   Chalotte will talk about "star seeds" and "star energies". Who are star seeds and what is the difference between star seeds and spiritual seekers, and how can star energies help us all in our spiritual journey".

Chalotte will bring Paul McCarthys connections cards with beautiful pictures of different star energies, so that we can work with them, and there will be short meditations on different star energies. 

15th                  Ann -  Bowen Technique Therapy  Demonstration and Talk - This therapy is an essential tool for whole body healing. With no manipulation this is a gentle and relaxing experience which activates the body´s own ability to help itself.

22nd                Eline  -  Chi Nei Tsang    A workshop with Taoist self-healing methods.  Natural healing remedies to become stronger, healthier & energetic individuals.  CHI NEI TSANG is a Chinese term for internal abdominal massage which helps release stress and promotes healing. If the area around the navel is knotted up, the whole energy of the body is blocked. Chi nei tsang will bring confort, relief and vital energy to the internal organs.

You will learn THE 6 HEALING SOUNDS which is a Taoist way of dealing with stress and to transform negative, sick energy into posiyive, loving energy.
These techniques become even stronger with AROMATHERAPY. Essential oils are the soul of a plant. They are applied on the skin, the largest organ of the body. The essential oils will purify and cleanse the lymph, blood and as a result the organs. 


29th                  Ray Bailey - clairvoyance


6th                     Rubina - Reflexology

13th                   Wishboards -   making our own wishboards for the new year

20th     No meeting - Christmas break

27th     No meeting - Christmas break

As you can see the January - April diary is being prepared, lots of spare dates at this moment in time so if you or anyone you know would be willing to talk/demonstrate to us on any spiritual/holistic subject  or, if you would like a specific subject to be covered please contact me    - [email protected]


3rd        No meeting  - Happy New Year to everyone

10th      Paul Palmer   - clairvoyance

17th       Colin Simonds -   Discovering the real you and manifesting your desires for 2018.    -  Colin returns for an exploration into how you can have more of the loving, spiritual, intuitive and authentic joyful you. How to deal with the Ego and blocks that inhibit this and ways we can feel more intimately connected as a Community.

How deep do you want to go into this afternoon of adventure and the celebration of our natural beautiful selves?  Our boundaries are important too, but are they keeping us in the "Comfort Zone" and away from growth? Everything this afternoon is free choice, so come and have fun , adventure and lets manifest your desires for 2018.

24th   Rachael Martin     The Art of reconnecting your body and mind with energy medicine" will be tips on boosting energy in winter , mixture of energy medicine, Qi Gong and Bio-Energy demos

31st     Discussion and practicing Telepathy and other subjects


7th        Brigid   -    Access consciousness Bars is a healing technique from the USA.

The Bars are a series of 32 points on the head, which when lightly touched release old energies stuck in the brain and the body, allowing for tremendous and easy change.

This very relaxing therapy takes all the considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments, and beliefs from any lifetime, that are electrically stored in the brain and releases them. This release occurs when the bars are touched; it allows that stored junk is to be released. And physical and mental blockages dissipate.

Brigid  would like to tell all about it, what it is and what it can do for you!

14th      Lyn Powell  -  clairvoyance     





14th       Ian Elliott - clairvoyance

                 (9th March - private readings and 19th March - workshop)

21st        Sheila Forrett -'OldPain2Go'. This is a simple, safe method of getting rid of 'old pain' messages. Sheila would need a couple of volunteers that have had pain for a long time - Back pain / Arthritis type of thing. ( to know more about Sheila see her website  www.holistictherapist.eu) 



4th       Hannah    - workshop, subject to be advised nearer the day.


18th      Janice Gardner   - clairvoyance